Make streamlined menu management a reality.

When a customer is looking for somewhere to eat, they’re usually choosing between at least three options. And the main source of information differentiating each restaurant from the next is the menu. With Access Local, you can centralize this rich information by connecting with the many systems your restaurant utilizes every day — like your POS, CMS, third-party delivery partners, discovery sites, and many others. Read on to learn how Access Local can help you streamline your menu data.


Slice and dice, any way you like.

Access Local’s flexible Knowledge Manager enables you to control your menu information from one place. Whether your menus are developed on a national, regional, or local level, you can organize and store all of your menus — any way you like.

Make your menu items stand out.

59% of consumers say they always, or frequently, look at pictures of food online before choosing where to dine out. Make sure consumers can find all the juicy details about your business — by adding rich information about your menu items, including calories, photos, and more.

Tell consumers you serve what they're craving.

Make sure consumers can find the one thing that confirms you serve what they’re craving — your menu. With menu syncing, you can publish structured menus and menu URLs across the Knowledge Network, including sites like Zomato,, Postmates, and more.

Empower local managers.

We know how difficult it can be to collect local menu information, but with Access Local’s sophisticated permissioning and approval workflows, you can capture the data you need to keep local menu information up-to-date. Allow local managers to edit the information they know best — like special menu items and prices — while maintaining corporate control.